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Oxide–sulfide copper ore was sampled from the ore body Cerovo C1 south deposit and used in this study. The chemical composition of the ore sample is pre-sented in Table 1. From Table 1 it can be seen that the high copper concentration is in the sample as well as the high copper oxide content while the sulfide copper concentration is lower.

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comes from copper sulfide ores and at lower recoveries from porphyry copper ores 4 . However since 2004 molybdenum has increased its market price nearly “10-fold resulting in a renewed emphasis on production of this metal including efforts to optimie its flotation recovery” 4 . Year

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1 Types of copper sulfide ore 1 Single copper mineral Its ore characteristic is relatively simple and the only useful component that can be recycled is copper. The gangue minerals are mainly quartz carbonate and sili e. 2 Copper-sulfur ore Called copper-bearing pyrite. In addition to copper minerals iron sulfide can be recovered and

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AERO Modifiers. Improve efficiency of flotation separation processes for a wide range of ores and minerals. AERO Promoters. AERO promoters are used extensively for the flotation of a wide range of minerals including copper gold lead zinc nickel iron lithium and many others.

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This data on chemicals and mixtures of chemicals in froth flotation with some of the more common flotation reagents and their uses.

Coarse-particle flotation applied to copper sulfide ores

for copper sulfide ores is around 4. For example if you had a marginal mineral with a head grade in the coarse fraction of 0.25% Cu the coarse pre-concentrate would have a grade of around 1% Cu. This pre-concentrate will need to be dewatered and then go to coarse regrinding for


I claim as my invention 1. A flotation promoter for the selective water flotation of thin finely ground copper-bearing sulfide ores and the suppression of iron pyrites therein finely ground state consisting essentially of an aliphatic hydrocarbon sodium sulfate having a C 8 - C 10 carbon chain and having propylene oxide chemically combined therewith in an amount in the range of 5 to 30 mols.

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aero promoter for chalcopyrite flotation. Aero Promoters For Chalcopyrite Flotation Pdf Effect Of Collector Types Onto Copper Ore In One of the biggest problems encountered in flotation of sulfite minerals is the usage of improper collector type and dosage without taking particle size distribution into account Flotation studies of a certain mineral group are carried out with a.get price

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When sodium sulfide is used to sulfide lime is used as the adjusting agent of PH and PH 8.5-9.5. Only when sodium sulfide is used can the ideal effect be obtained. When sodium sulfide is used appropriate amount of ammonium sulfate and 1:1 sodium sulfide are added. It can improve the recovery of copper oxide ore.

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AEROPHINE AERO and AEROFLOAT collectors promoters are used extensively for the flotation of sulfide minerals including copper gold lead zinc nickel iron and many others such as lithium. These products provide improved performance and higher selectivity than more traditional sulfide collectors and better overall metallurgical