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Mineral resource evaluation should provide a basis on which economic decisions can be taken. At least four aspects can be identified if a mining project is evaluated technical economic

Methodologies in the valuation of mineral rights

Minerals Development Bill legislating the involvement of previously disadvantaged individuals and communities in the country’s minerals industry. One of the challenges facing the successful implementation of such codes and bills lies with the abilities of independent valuators to value mineral properties and projects on a consistent basis.

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Mineral Evaluation Ducks Unlimited asked EOR to evaluate the status of the mineral rights of a property being considered for a Conservation Easement. Regulations for donated conservation easements allow a tax deduction only if the conservation purpose is protected in perpetuity or the possibility of mineral extraction is negligible.

A comparative study of valuation methodologies for mineral developments

mineral occurrence Project B A comparative study of valuation methodologies for mineral developments by E.V. Lilford* and R.C.A. Minnitt Synopsis Valuators of mineral properties are faced with a range of valuation methodologies the most important of which are grouped under the headings of the market approach the cost approach and the

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Industrial minerals and rocks are those which are economically important because of desirable physical and/or chemical properties rather than metal or energy content. The evaluation of these resources for investment purposes in general follows established procedures after due consideration of well documented input data. However in view of the sensitivity of many industrial mineral projects

Evaluation of Mineral Assets: Interconnection of Financial and

The main purpose of economic evaluation of mineral properties which a min-ing company intends to develop is to measure potential benefits from realization of the investment project in the form of net cash flows .

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Developing a mineral project evaluation is like putting together a large puzzle where the pieces are held by different participants in different disciplines. While the math is important what really matters is really matters is sourcing and understanding the data risks and assumptions that go into the cash flow.

A Code for the valuation of mineral properties and projects in South Africa

mineral projects and properties given the development of a Code for the Valuation of Mineral Properties developed in Australia the VALMIN Code and a similar Code in Canada the CIMVal Code . This paper is the result of research and investigation into the matter in terms of the reporting of Mineral Resources and

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The correct interpretation of evaluation results will depend on all relevant information being included in the evaluation of the project. If specific items are included or excluded in the evaluation these items should be noted clearly right up front. An evaluation report should include a complete listing of all of the evaluation criteria. 1.


The art of mineral project evaluation involves understanding the key principles and project drivers as well as identifying and quantifying the level of risk to determine the viability of a project. There are three key questions that must be answered before entering the process of evaluating mineral projects. These questions comprise the

Methods for valuating early-stage mineral projects CSA Global

In addition the value of mineral assets is subjected to vary over time depending on events on neighboring projects market interest commodity prices etc. In particular the Valuation of Mineral Assets VALMIN Code is a mandatory code for public reporting of technical assessments and valuation of mineral assets within the Australia region.

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Evaluating Mineral Projects Release on 1998 by Thomas F. Torries Designed to complement traditional engineering texts this book emphasizes the concepts of mineral project evaluation rather than computational details.


MINING PROJECTS H.E.K. ALLEN * ABSTRACT Economic evaluations of mining projects incorporate the examini-nation and assessment of the technical financial social and political aspects of the environment in which the mineral deposit is situated. This paper outlines some technical inputs that form the basis for financial evaluation.

Edumine Economic Evaluation and Optimization of Mineral Projects

The predominant economic evaluation technique for a mineral project from pre-feasibility study stage to operating mine is the discounted cash flow DCF method. A DCF evaluation will include a detailed year-by-year cash flow projection spanning the life of the mineral reserves plus the DCF metrics of net present value NPV and internal rate of return IRR .

Valuation of Mineral Exploration Properties – AMC Consultants

Sensible valuation of mineral properties has become more critical through the current market cycle. Valuation of mineral properties at the exploration stage is an area where both valuators and users of valuations need to understand the challenges and uncertainties involved.

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Here’s how you value any gold project. Each egory of reserves or resources tells you the degree of certainty that the stated minerals are indeed there and mineable. If you’re trying to