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Here are some ways to remove all traces of ink from your dryer: Clean all the plastic parts inside the dryer drum. Pour rubbing alcohol on a scrubby or an old clean rag and rub the stain until it disappears.

How to Get Exploded Pen Out of Clothes eHow

When a pen explodes on your clothes your temper might be ready to explode right along with it. Whether you had a pen in the back pocket of your favorite jeans or the front pocket of a T-shirt the ink can look impossible to remove. Before you cut the ink-stained garment into rags try some at-home remedies to get the ink out of the fabric.

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A red ink pen went through the washer okay but exploded in my electric dryer. I have used Goo Gone with a clean rag - turning often and am making headway - but I don& 39;t think it will get off the Baked On ink.

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and nbsp; I recently got a phone call from a friend. She was panicking because her son had left a pen in a pair of shorts and it exploded in the dryer. Not only were the shorts and other clothes covered in ink spots but the inside of the dryer was also covered in sticky ink blotches. She was picturi

4 Easy Ways to Remove an Ink Stain from a Dryer Drum

If a pen or marker explodes in your dryer you may be dealing with more than just stained clothing. The ink can stain the inside of your dryer too. Wipe it out with soap and water first to remove the ink stains. If this doesn& 39;t work move

How to Make a Ballpoint Pen Explode eHow

This occurs when the pen has been exposed to too much heat causing the ink to expand and eventually leak. However if you wish to hasten the process---either as a fun project or out of sheer boredom---you can do so using a spare ballpoint and your common dryer.

Pen exploded in dryer. I used acetone nail polish remover to

Pen exploded in dryer. I used acetone nail polish remover to try and clean of pen marks. Now concerned because acetone is flammable. HELP?

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I am mad mad..My dh put clothes in the dryer and did not bother to check to see what was in there..Yeap a ink pen exploded in my dryer and now I have ink marks all in it and can not dry anything until I get them all over the white clothes

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Why do you say exploded.? I think alcohol will take off most inks. I would clean up the basket and let the insides fend for themselves. It will just dry up. However if permanent marker ink I have seen many dryer baskets permanently marked at laundromats. But not coming off eiither.

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Ink Pen or Marker. Even though it might look like a nightmare inside of your dryer removing ink stains is pretty easy: dampen an old cloth with rubbing isopropyl alcohol and wipe the ink away. If there are several spots you’ll want to use more than one cloth. Otherwise you’ll just wind up smearing the ink everywhere.

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When ink gets stuck on the inside of a dryer it can be a real hassle. As you don& 39;t want to dry clothes in an ink-stained dryer there are several ways to clean it. Commercial products can easily remove ink from a dryer such as rubbing alcohol and bug spray. You can also try products like nail polish.

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I accidentally left a pen in one of my clothes pockets and sent it through the dryer. As you may have guessed the pen exploded all over the inside of the dryer leaving streaks of ink covering the

How to Remove Ink Wax or Dye From Washer or Dryer Drum

A pen gets left in a jeans pocket and explodes in the washer or dryer leaving ink all over the clothes and the appliance drum. It could be that a melting stick of lip balm leaves spots on your khaki pants and a smear of greasy wax in the dryer. Even that wonderful pair of new dark denim jeans can leave the inside of your dryer the same color.

How to Get Pen Marks Off the Inside of a Dryer Home Guides

How to Get Pen Marks Off the Inside of a Dryer. An innocuous blue or black mark on the inside of the dryer can mean disaster for your clothes. When the ink leaks from a ballpoint or felt-tip pen

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Dryer Drums. When disaster strikes in the form of ink stains all is not lost. Many people automatically trash garments that have dried ink stains on them but there are ways to remove ink stains from clothes. The same goes for dryers. When a forgotten pen explodes in the dryer there is no need to run out and buy a new machine.

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Cleaning and Restoration. Plus Mold Mildew and Stain Removal - ink pen exploded in my dryer - help an ink pen was in the pocket of a garment and in the dryer it exploded. how can I get the marks out

A pen exploded in the dryer. is there a way to get the ink

A blue ink pen exploded in the dryer leaving ink everywhere. How do you recommend cleaning it off and how best to remove ink from clothes. I have a GE Profile washer and dryer. One year old. … read more

How do I remove ink from the drum of my dryer after a pen

Some ink stains may be more stubborn. If have used a kitchen abrasive called Bar Keepers Friend to remove ink stains in my dryer drum in the past. This mild kitchen abrasive will normally not harm the surface of the drum while removing the ink. This seems to work on certain ink stains. These tips may help you remove the stains.

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A Pen Explodes . If a pen found its way into your laundry it can wreak a lot of havoc before it’s found. Whether you realize there are ink stains after clothes are washed or after they are dried the steps are the same.

How To Get Ink Out Of A Dryer 8 Different Ways To Do It

It has probably happened to everyone. One of your kids your significant other or maybe even you left an ink pen in your pocket and it exploded in the dryer. The clothes may end up as rags but you do not want to throw away your dryer. So how do you get those ink stains out of the dryer? There are several ways to get rid of the ink.

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Apparently I guilty: left a pen in my pocket from work and it EXPLODED in my dryer. There is ink all over the inside of the drum the door not to mention my clothes. I need advice on how to clean the dryer and the clothes if they are at all salvagable most just have small spots here and there .

How do I clean ink from a pen that exploded in my dryer

My son left a pen in his jeans not too long ago and Mom was not amused to find ink marks all over her new dryer. He found what worked best was Simple Green. It& 39;s a spray cleaner you can buy in hardware paint automotive and some discount stores.

HELP Ink Pen EXPLODED in Wash--How to get INK out of

Dont know how it got in there but after retrieving my wash to put them in the dryer I noticed several shirts with ink pen stains and I know they are going to be next to impossible to get clean --one of which is a white top of my dd& 39;s one of her favs. Any ideas at all would be appreciated. Did

Pen exploded in dryer how to remove ink from inside the

I& 39;ve done that a bunch of times. I spray hairspray on it and rub really hard. Takes a few times but it works for me.

How to remove ink stains from the dryer Detailed Answer

Common questions about ink stains What can I do if a pen exploded in my dryer? The general rule for every problem is to stay calm. First remove all the clothes inside your dryer to avoid getting your clothes stained more. Use old cotton cloth to wipe off the fresh ink stains and continue rubbing the stained areas until you completely remove them.

My husbands ink pen exploded in the dryer How do I safely

My husbands ink pen exploded in the dryer How do I safely get these stains out. The entire drum had blue streaks. Tried acetone polish remover on it an seemed to work but afraid of the fumes and flamability of the stuff. Help

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Once the pen exploded the clothes already in there basically soak up the excess ink and buff the dryer drum. It& 39;ll be fine. posted by rybreadmed at 10:16 PM on June 25 2011

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Pen Exploded in Brand New Dryer Brand new dryer supplied by landlord - my roomate left three Sharpie permanent black markers in clothes and now the inside of the dryer looks like a warzone. Is there anything I can do to ensure that ink left inside dryer won& 39;t transfer to future loads in the machine????

I had a pen explode in my dryer during a load of whites

A. If only your pen could have exploded outside of a dryer—that would make this so much easier But the fact that it happened in the dryer means the heat present when the stains got onto the fabric will make them much more difficult to remove.

How To Get Ink Out Of Clothes: Remove Fresh Or Old Pen Stains

Watch Out For Ink In The Dryer. If you are like me and prefer to dry your clothes in a dryer rather than them getting pooped on by the birds or soaking wet when it rains you need to make sure that the stain is gone before you dry it. If you put it in the dryer with the stain still on it will be even harder for you to get rid of it.

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You open the door to your dryer and find that all of your clothes are covered in blue or black pen ink — and so is the dryer itself. While we might not be able to save your clothes there’s a $1 fix to make your dryer look like new again. Read more: 43 home cleaning hacks you’ll wish you knew sooner. Easy way to remove ink stains from

Black pen exploded in my washer/dryerwhite clothes stainded

Pen: Soak pen ink stains on in rotten milk. First rot some milk in sun then once rotten strain the lumps out and put the lumps over the pen ink stain. Then you need to wash the clothing in the washing machine. it sounds gross but according to this it works :P

A ink pen exploded in my dryer. What will take the ink out of

Next run dryer for about 10 minutes empty on the hottest setting to get rid of any residue from the nail polish you did not get and to set any ink that did not come off. This way no transfer to your clothing will take place.

Pen exploded in dryer how to remove ink from inside the

That leaves out hydrogen peroxide WD40 and paint thinner. You might consider soaking some rags in bleach and then running the not too well wrung out rags through the dryer. I would just let wipe off all the excess and let the color cook into the finish by running the dryer on a high cycle with some rags in it instead of clothes.

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Yesterday morning I opened up the dryer door and began unloading the clothing inside. Suddenly I grasped a pen. An EXPLODED pen….and we all know what that means.Well that’s those of us who have on occasion forgotten to check EVERY pants pocket before throwing in the wash.

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To make a long story short a pen exploded in the dryer got pen stains on all of my clothes including my ONLY uniform and also left seemingly permanent blue ink stains everywhere on the inside of the dryer. I managed to get some of the stains on the clothes out using hairspray but I& 39;m afraid if I use anything besides water on the dryer it might explode on me once I use it. Any suggestions

How to Get Pen Stains Out of Clothing After It Is Washed

A pen stain on clothing isn& 39;t too hard to remove but after washing and drying the garment stain removal becomes much more difficult. You don& 39;t have to turn your favorite T-shirt into rags or wear a

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Same thing happened to me--son left pen in jeans pocket which exploded in washer and it ruined several pairs of expensive jeans and left blue ink marks on inside of dryer. Bad news is I tried to wash the ink stains out with several different products no luck; then tried to dye the jeans darker denim with Rit dye but they looked funky and he

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It seems we& 39;ve all ruined a shirt pair of pants furniture or some kind of fabric with that evil ink. Although it might seem impossible to remove there are a few things you can try before you decide to give up. With a little bit of water hairspray alcohol patience and elbow grease you might make the ink come out.

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I had an ink pen get ink all over my dryer and took advice from another site. I put two cups on bleach to 1/2 bucket of water. I soaked two towels and put them through the spin cycle just a bit so they weren& 39;t dripping wet. I did this twice and got the majority of the pen spots out of the drum of the dryer.